What Is Diamond Art Painting? A Beginner’s Guide

Similar to both cross-stitch and paint-by-numbers, diamond painting is a new creative hobby that has taken the world by storm, especially fans of DIY crafts. Crafters all around the world have fallen in love with this activity because it is easy to learn and incredibly rewarding. Even novices and people who struggle with other crafts find diamond painting relaxing and enjoyable. Mastering the basics is a breeze, and people of all ages and skill levels can create breathtaking artworks.

What Is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is a simple and addictive hobby that has taken the crafting world by storm. Creating a sparkling masterpiece is as easy as affixing vibrantly colored resin rhinestones to a self-adhesive canvas with a diamond art kit. The canvas is printed with the design as well as symbols to let you know exactly which color to place in each spot.

A relatively new art form to the craft industry, diamond art has rapidly become a favorite among beginner and experienced hobbyists alike. It does not require any special skills, and anyone can make beautiful diamond artworks that shimmer, sparkle and shine when they paint with diamonds.

Why You Should Try a Diamond Painting Kit

Intrigued by diamond painting but not sure if it’s the right craft for you? Don’t worry! There are lots of great reasons why we—and millions of diamond art lovers—recommend giving it a try. Transforming tiny diamonds into a colorful, three-dimensional masterpiece is incredibly rewarding. And since this project is easy enough for anyone to master, completing a piece can be achieved with very little effort for those who may tend to struggle with other arts and crafts.

Diamond art is a new hobby well-suited for both novices and experienced crafters. It is great for people of all ages too. From young children to older adults, everyone can channel their creativity into crafting a sparkling piece of diamond art. The process is easy to master, and there usually is no mess to clean up when you are finished.

Crafters describe diamond painting as relaxing and calming. In fact, most say it is more stress-relieving than any other craft. Placing the diamonds one-by-one is extremely soothing and allows many people to enter a meditative state. When you are focused on the project, the hours fly by. So don’t be surprised if the hour you set aside for working on your latest masterpiece turns out to be an all-night craft session!


If your attempts at crafting tend to leave you feeling more frustrated than fulfilled, diamond art could be the solution you’ve been looking for. It is an excellent way to unwind while creating beautiful artwork you will be proud to display—even if you do not think of yourself as an artist.

How to Get Started

Purchasing a kit from Diamond Art Club® is the best way to start diamond painting because everything you need is included in a kit. With our simple six-step process, anyone can master the basics and learn how to diamond paint in minutes.

Step One

Peel the clear protective film off the pre-printed canvas.

Step Two

Choose a symbol from the canvas that you would like to work on.

Step Three

Match the symbol with the corresponding diamond color code using the chart on the canvas and then find the correct diamond bag.

Step Four

Press the tip of your applicator tool into the wax.

Step Five

Touch the applicator tool to the faceted side of a diamond to pick it up.

Step Six

Align the diamond with its corresponding symbol on the canvas and gently press it into place.

It really is that easy! Repeat these steps until you have placed colored diamonds over all of their corresponding symbols on the chart, and you will have a dazzling finished piece. With Diamond Art Club®, the creative process is stress-free because we only sell premium diamond art kits that include everything you need to get started.

What’s Included in a Diamond Art Club® Kit?

Each Diamond Art Club® kit comes fully stocked with everything you need to complete a diamond painting. The diamond art supplies included in our kits are of the highest quality, too. Our products are designed to make painting with diamonds easy, enjoyable and frustration-free for crafters of all ages and skill levels. Each of our kits includes:


Our canvases are buttery smooth and feature high-quality poured glue instead of the double-sided adhesive tape used by many of our competitors. Using high-tech poured glue adhesive results in better adhesion and ensures the diamonds will not fall off the canvas.

Diamond Art Club® canvases have also been carefully designed to prevent wrinkling and fraying. Our proprietary, patented canvas is made from heavy-duty, waterproof tarpaulin fabric and features a velvet backing for extra strength and stability. A surface coating makes each canvas smooth to the touch and allows for quality printing. Each canvas is also manufactured with serged edge to avoid fraying and is guaranteed to self-flatten within minutes. Sometimes, using an LED light pad makes it easier to work, especially in darker craft areas. The light shines through the canvas and you can see where to place the drills more clearly.


Also known as drills, the diamonds used in diamond art are not all created equally. There are a few different types on the market, and they can be made from either resin or cheap acrylic.

All of our drills are made from high-quality 100% resin to ensure exceptional color and durability so they don’t break or crack. Our round drills are manufactured with 26 facets instead of the industry-standard 13 facets. This means they have twice as much sparkle and are more reflective than the acrylic gems found in other kits. Our square drills are manufactured so they fit snug and tight giving you the best “snap” as you create your beautiful mosaic.


Nothing is worse than deciding to try out a new hobby only to realize you do not have the supplies you need. That’s why we include an applicator tool - or diamond painting pen - comfort grip, tray, wax and extra baggies with every Diamond Art Club® kit! We also include a set of tweezers in all of our square diamond kits to help you with placement. So as soon as you open up the box, you will have everything you need to create your first masterpiece.


We want diamond art painting to be an easy and accessible hobby for crafters of all skill levels. That is why every kit includes easy-to-understand instructions, a color-coded chart to help you visualize where each color should be placed on the canvas, and pre-labeled, pre-cut inventory stickers for easier organization.

When ordering, simply choose the artwork you love. Our designers have already chartered it to the best canvas size and diamond shape so the diamond painting matches the artist’s original artwork as much as possible. Once we receive your order, we ship all the materials you need for your next masterpiece—directly to your doorstep.

The Difference Between Round and Square Diamonds

When browsing through our selection of diamond art kits, you will notice that some kits come with round diamonds while others include square diamonds. Both are of excellent quality, so when it comes down to which one you should choose, it depends on personal preference.


Kits containing round diamonds, or round drills, are easier and faster to complete. Diamond Art Club® manufactures its round drills with 26 facets for double the sparkle. They are great for beginners since there is no need to worry about properly orienting each diamond. An important thing to note, however, is that with round diamonds, you will be able to see the colors of the canvas between the diamonds on the finished piece. Many of our painters love this look, but you should be aware of this when deciding which diamond shape to work with.


Square diamonds, or square drills, take a bit longer to place, and you need to take extra care to ensure that each one is placed straight. A single crooked square diamond could throw an entire row off skew! This is why Diamond Art Club® includes a set of tweezers in each of its square kits. When properly placed, they fit together edge-to-edge and create a satisfying “snap” sound when you’re close to finished and only need to fill in gaps. Since no canvas shows through on finished pieces, artwork created with square diamonds has a complete mosaic look.